Leash Training – Does it Matter?

Leash Training – Does it Matter? Lots of our clients call about one behavior issue or another, usually more serious behaviors like aggression or anxiety. A lot of times leash training is overlooked BUT, proper leash training is a very important behavior to teach your dog, in fact it’s very essential in order to have … Continued

Jasper’s Separation Anxiety Case Study

Jasper’s Separation Anxiety Case Study When you first purchase or adopt your dog, it is hard not to spend most of your time spoiling them with love and affection. Although this period is great for creating a new bond with your dog, I warn you to proceed with caution. Sometimes owners begin to develop a … Continued

Can Anxious Dogs Be Rehabilitated?

Can Anxious Dogs Be Rehabilitated? You might be wondering if your dog has anxiety. Does your pet have trouble going outdoors, experiencing new stimuli, meeting new people or dogs? Do they start to panic when you do certain actions, or maybe when there’s a loud noise in the house? Do they exhibit anxious behavior when … Continued

“Where Did This Behavior Come From?”

“Where Did This Behavior Come From?”  When a dog acts badly, people need to remember that these inappropriate behavioral issues don’t just pop in and out of thin air…they are learned. I meet many owners with rescue dogs that assume that their dog’s bad behavior, such as separation anxiety or aggression, links back to trauma … Continued

Sibling Aggression: Can My Dogs Coexist Again?

Sibling Aggression: Can My Dogs Coexist Again? When your family is battling each other, it’s extremely stressful, and for dog owners dealing with sibling aggression, sometimes that stress leads to terrifying questions: Do I need to get rid one dog in order to protect the others? Many dogs are sent back to shelters and rescues … Continued

Why Do Dogs Mark?

Why Do Dogs Mark? Meadowlands Dog Training operates throughout the North Jersey area, and also in Manhattan and Brooklyn. A common question we get, and a topic of concern for many, is “Why does my dog mark so much?” When a dog is urinating on things excessively, and it just seems like they want to … Continued

Why We Work With Vets

Why We Work With Vets As a North Jersey dog trainer, I enjoy getting to know our local veterinarians. While many people might think of their dog’s behavioral training and physical health as totally separate issues, they’re actually incredibly interconnected. This is why it’s always a good idea to keep your veterinarian up-to-date on any … Continued

Dogs can’t change without their owner’s help!

Dogs can’t change without their owner’s help! A common misconception about dogs is that there are behaviors that they are just stuck with. Some people assume that a dog’s personality is set and unchanging. These people hope that somehow their dog will change over time or grow out of their bad behaviors. This almost never … Continued

Beau: Hyperactive Dog Case Study

Beau: Hyperactive Dog Case Study Do you have a crazy, hyperactive dog? Is your dog constantly bouncing off the walls, wrecking havoc in and outside your home? Hyperactivity is a common issue for dogs, and it is a behavior issue that can be treated with consistent exercise and training. Hyperactivity isn’t something that you wait … Continued

Adding to the Pack

Adding to the Pack For some dog lovers, having one companion isn’t enough. Like having a brother or sister, it is good for a dog to have another canine pack member in the home. Dog siblings can bond, learn from each other, and wear each other out from all the fun and interaction they have! … Continued