Meadowlands Dog Training Manhattan – Best Dog Training in New York!!

Manhattan dog owners can now rejoice, as Meadowlands Dog Training is expanding from New Jersey into the Empire City, bringing their expert reward-based training programs for dogs of ALL backgrounds and behaviors! Our Manhattan dog trainers are ready to come to you and your dog and begin paving the way to behavioral balance and success!

Meadowlands Dog Training ManhattanOur Manhattan dog trainers have build an extraordinary reputation in the North Jersey area. Our passion, canine knowledge, and dedication has helped dogs overcome the most severe behavior problems, while also teaching owners how to rebuild their relationship with their pups. Through vet referrals and word-of-mouth, demand for their training services has spread beyond the Jersey border and into New York. After enough calls and e-mails, we have decided to bring Meadowlands Dog Training into The Big Apple!

No matter what age, breed, size or temperament your dog possesses, Meadowlands Dog Training is ready to set you and your dog up for success through our various in-home dog training programs. We believe that in-home dog training is one of the most effective and fulfilling training styles, as it allows dogs to begin training is their most familiar environment, plus owners are highly involved and learn to become responsible for their dog’s behavioral progress!

We will take puppies that need the fundamentals, such as house breaking, basic commands, desensitization and socialization, and much more. Dogs that need basic obedience training, and even behavior modification to eliminate some bad habits and improve their reliability among distractions, can enroll with us as well. We also don’t turn away dogs exhibiting aggression problems…we have a Manhattan aggressive dog training program designed to help these cases combat one of the most deadly canine behavior issues. Meadowlands Dog Training is also one of the few New York City dog training companies that offers an “expecting parents training program”—our Cribs and Canines program prepares the dog for the arrival of a newborn in the home, instilling consistent boundaries and creating positive associations with the baby.

If you’re in Manhattan and needing to address your dog’s behavioral problems, give Meadowlands Dog Training a call immediately! Whether the problems are mild or severe, we can help restore harmony in your household and bring not only obedience in your dog’s life, but happiness as well! Schedule your first initial in-home behavior consultation with us by calling our offices at 201.283.9700, or e-mail us using our contact form here.