Aggressive Dog Behavior Training in Bergen County, NJ and NYC

Having an aggressive dog can be a confusing ordeal. There are many potential answers to the question of why your dog is aggressive, and some may remain a mystery if your dog’s background isn’t known, but that doesn’t mean your dogs aggressive problem can’t be solved.

How Can We Help?

Meadowlands Dog Training offers aggressive dog training programs personalized to your dogs specific needs, no matter what form of aggression they display:

  • Fear
  • Dog on Dog
  • Human
  • Child
  • Resource Guarding
  • Food
  • Crate
  • Territorial
  • Protective
  • Leash
  • and more!

A dog may act aggressive because of some traumatic experience, or because it is afraid and doesn’t know how to respond. An aggressive dog may just have learned their bad behavior—they may have been too dominant all the way from puppyhood.

Aggression is no different than any other dog behavior other than it involves danger to your dog and the other creatures around it. Undoubtedly, dog behavior, like human behavior, is the product of a number of factors. Our North Jersey dog trainers are experts at uncovering the factors that underlie your dog’s aggression, and, after they’ve been uncovered, they can be overcome.

Can Aggression Be Corrected?

Dog aggression CAN be fixed with the right kind of training! Like all of our in-home dog training, our aggressive dog training programs must begin with an initial in-home visit. We need to observe your dog in its element, evaluate all of the circumstances of its life in your home.

North Jersey dog trainers know this fact: that although training your dog for aggression may be your primary care and focus, basic training in obedience is also a key tool to alleviating an aggressive dog’s bad behaviors. Addressing a dog’s aggression without addressing its other behaviors will not produce any lasting results. We’re trying to transform your whole dog, not just some of its more dangerous behaviors.

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