Dog Training for New Parents – Cribs and Canines!

Thinking of being both a dog owner AND a parent? Are you presently a parent and are having problems with your dog’s behavior around or toward your young child? While dogs are known to be excellent companions for children, there are still those cases where a dog does not understand how to behave around a child, or how to welcome in a new baby into the home.

Meadowlands Dog Training is one of the best North Jersey dog training companies out there. Why? Because we want to ensure that your ENTIRE family is taken care of and living together without fear, distress, or inconsistency. Our dog trainer understands the concerns of bringing both canine and human family together. This is why we offer the Cribs and Canines training program for both expectant and current parents!

Cribs and Canines is about preparing your dog for the new family member. It about teaching YOU as the owner and parent how to make the transition easier for your dog and baby. Professional trainer will aid you on how to recreate consistency for your dog, both before and after the baby comes home from the hospital!

Here are several training elements that will be covered in Cribs and Canines:

  • General obedience and manners: no jumping on pregnant mom or inside the baby’s crib, no rough or aggressive play with the baby, no jealousy or territorial behavior over or toward the new baby, no snatching away the baby’s belongings or food, etc.
  • Specific scenarios based on real life and success: your dog will learn how to walk well with the baby, whether he/she is in the stroller or in your arms. The dog will learn to practice impulse control and to allow attention to be diverted away from them and toward the baby. The dog will learn to be gentle, respectful and relaxed with a new baby.
  • Owner empowerment and education: it is MOST important that you as the owner and parent can implement a reward-based protocol that is consistent both before and after the birth of your baby. You as the owner will be equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to follow through and make your family stronger than ever!

If you are an expectant parent and you think Cribs and Canines would be beneficial for you and your dog, give us a call! This program is applicable to current parents as well that are experiencing troubling behavior from their dog, and are concerned for the welfare of the dog and their baby. Our office number is 201.283.9700, or email us at!