North Jersey In-home Dog Training

In-home dog training can assist you in tackling your dog’s behavior issues—big, small, scary, or embarrassing. Our approach to dog training has led to success in resolving behavior problems all over North Jersey. We’re ready to bring YOU success too!

A dog’s behavior issues can bring stress upon all parties involved, especially the dog. Whether or not the problems your dog is having are big or small, we take them all seriously. Really, no issue is small. In fact, “small” issues a dog may have, like pulling on the leash, nipping, jumping, and barking, have led to some dogs being put down. Why would this happen? There are a few major reasons:

  • Dog owners don’t think the issues can ever be fixed
  • Dog owners don’t take the issues to be enough to need dog training
  • Many dog trainers falsely conclude that the dog’s behavior problems can’t be fixed because they don’t know how to resolve them

Here’s the truth: Your dog is not beyond help! Meadowlands Dog Training is able to handle ALL of your dog’s issues, no matter how long it takes. This includes:

  • Poor manners: jumping or being overly friendly with guests
  • Leash problems: tugging, barking or lunging at other dogs, etc.
  • Separation anxiety – you shouldn’t feel guilty leaving your dog alone!
  • Aggression toward/around other people, dogs, or objects like food or toys
  • Unreliable obedience – you need to know your dog will sit and stay in any situation

Advantages of In-home Dog Training

When evaluating your dog, it is important for the trainer to observe all of the factors in the dog’s life. This is why an in-home evaluation is best; this visit will allow us to construct the most effective training program for your dog.

After the program of training has been laid out, we begin training in the home and gradually move into public lessons. Public lessons are still one-on-one lessons, but are meant to involve as many “real life” factors surrounding your dog as possible. Putting your dog to the test like this ensures that the training at home is not just a temporary solution but a lasting change in your dog’s make-up. This is Meadowland Dog Training’s goal: to bring lasting improvement to you and your dog’s lives! Our trainers want to accomplish this goal for all of North Jersey.

Is the Board and Train option good for me?

Some dog trainers offer to board you dog at their facility while they train them for you. The expectation is that when you pick your dog up, they will already be trained and ready to go. This process may or may not work, but we know for sure that it is not necessary. In fact, all training should involve the owner and the majority of the benefits of training will be gained in the first few training sessions! We are prepared to empower YOU as your dog’s trainer. We don’t just give you a trained dog, we teach you how to train your dog.

When you’re ready to set up an evaluation or if you have questions, give us a call at 201.283.9700. You can also email your questions to us using our contact form.